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About Joe Legge & Son's Drilling

Water Well Drilling Experts in Central Ontario

Joe Legge has drilled thousands of wells in his career, everything from a shallow 40 foot well here in Ontario to a 3,000 foot deep well in California. Joe graduated in 1986 from Sir Sanford Fleming College with a diploma in drilling and blasting. He immediately entered the water well industry as a well drilling technician with the aim of one day starting his own business. After working in the water well industry for 14 years, Joe went out on his own and started Joe Legge & Son's Drilling. The company now boasts a satisfied customer list and hundreds of wells drilled in the central Ontario region.


What you should know:

If you are looking for someone to drill your well, there are a few key things you should be considering. Here are the questions to ask, and our no-nonsense answers:

1. Are they certified?

Over 4,000 hours of apprenticeship is required in order to be granted a water well (drilling) technicians license. We received our license in 1989.

2. What equipment do they use?

Joe Legge & Son's Drilling uses only the best in drilling equipment. Our rotary drilling rig is industry-leading technology that has become the standard in well drilling equipment.

3. Have they drilled in your area before?

Joe Legge has been drilling in the Central Ontario area for over 29 years.

4. Are they proven?

With over 15 years in the business, and hundreds of satisfied customers, our work speaks for itself.

Get in touch with Joe Legge & Son's Drilling in Bancroft for more information.

Joe on driling truck
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